Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ode To Fall

Softly rustle the aspen leaves,
Gentle and pure,

Carried by the wind 
To my senses fill,
The smells of Fall through the air 

Brilliant yellow, gold and green
Suns warmth, shadows infused,
Stillness resounds deeply to the soul

The crunch of seedum and pine cone sound, along the mountain floor, the damp dusk fragrance of Falls odor make

Eyes of aspen watch my way
Pass the wonder of Autumns change
to a place where only creatures tread

Ending in the beauty of natures
finest show

And ushers in the days of cold 

I love the Fall most of all!! 

Ode to Fall by Rebecka Evans

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  1. Happy Fall Season to you, family and everyone! Everyone is welcoming fall with open arms, I could see that in our blogger friends posts! Think of all the yummy recipes that's reserved especially for fall! Cheers!

  2. kitchen flavours, That was exactly my thought! The first cup of hot chocolate and homemade pot of beef stew...yum! Fall is a wonderful time of year to bring out all those heart warming comfort food recipes! I'm looking forward to seeing all our blogger friends Fall recipes too! Maybe we should have a blog hop for the first of Fall recipe event? xoxo

  3. Beautiful poem. It has still been feeling like summer here in NYC until today. Today, it is cool and rainy. I can't wait to see some leaves change color.

  4. @ city share, I have never been to NYC...gasp! I know, it's horrible that I've never set foot in the Big Apple!! I envy the culinary culture you get to experience everyday!

    Hope you have a lovely Fall...I hope you post pics on your blog so we can all enjoy the seasons change with you!


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