Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Marshmallows-New Family Tradition

I have such wonderful memories of coloring Easter eggs with my brothers.  I was the youngest and only girl in the family so it was a big production.

My parents and brothers would spin a wonderful tale about the Easter Bunny stopping by our house to collect our beautifully colored eggs while we were at church. He would then hide our eggs in the yard, along with marshmallow peeps, chocolates and candies for me to find.   

Following Easter Sunday church service my mother would make a delicious brunch while I was losing my mind thinking about all the sweets awaiting me in the yard.   Finally, we would all make our way to the backyard and the treasure hunt would begin.

Spring and Easter are my most favorite time of year.  Crocus, daffodils and tulips, all poking their heads through the frosty ground, making their way into the sunlight to give hope that summer is just a few short weeks away; and the celebration of Jesus Resurrection and the new life He offers to those who will follow Him, fill my heart with such joy! The tradition still lives on in our home.

Although, I love decorating Easter eggs and eating egg salad sandwiches made from the left over hard boiled eggs, I decided to start a new tradition with my children this year.   Decorating giant marshmallows with dark and white chocolate and sprinkles!  YUMMY!

They taste terrific and look amazing as a bouquet center piece for your Easter table.   Believe me, if you have children or just a few young at hearts, they won't last long after Easter dinner.

I found these giant multi colored Marshmallows at my local King Soopers and used leftover sprinkles from an earlier cup cake project. 

1 bag Giant multi colored marshmallows (smaller version will do)
1 package chocolate Almond Bark
1 package white chocolate Almond Bark
you can find both chocolates in your markets baking section.

Melt chocolate in a large microwave safe bowl on high heat in 30 second increments, until chocolate is melted, stirring frequently.

Insert long skewers into marshmallows, dip marshmallows in chocolate and allow excess to drain off.  Stand in a tall glass until the chocolate is dry.  Decorate with sprinkles or drizzle the opposite flavor chocolate over the coated marshmallows to create lovely designs.  


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  1. This is a sweet and charming tradition that you've started! Just as you're remembering your happy childhood Easter days, your children and their children shall always look forward for each Easter marshmallows, and that really warms the heart, it warms mine just reading it from your post! Happy Easter, Rebecka to you and your lovely family!

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