Thursday, January 12, 2012

Announcing the WINNER - "Is Your Batter Better?" Fish and Chips Challenge 2011

And The Winner Is??? 

Several months ago I asked my readers, "Is Your Batter Better?" In my first ever blog cooking challenge "Is Your Batter Better?" Fish & Chips Challenge 2011. The challenge turn out was small but the recipes were giant sized!!  I received two amazing entries that filled my mouth with crispy crunch and my belly with sweet satisfaction! 

Joy, the owner of kitchen flavours shared her recipe for Fish & Chips, with Tartar Sauce and Corn Salad and Shirley from Shirley's Luxury Haven shared her recipe for Light & Crunchy Fish and Chips .  I found both dishes to be supremely tasty, truly satisfying for my Fish and Chips cravings.  My family enjoyed both recipes as well!

I was thrilled when Joy decided to enter the challenge given the fact she is not much of a Fish and Chips gal!  Luckily, her kiddos were more than happy to be her taste testers giving her a thumbs up for her efforts!  I loved Joy's idea of frying a spoon full of batter before coating the fish.  A perfect way to taste for seasoning and crispness. The addition of paprika and pepper to dredge the fish prior to coating with batter, added a ton of flavor. Her batter was really tasty and had a glorious crunch!

Shirley had some great tips on how to ensure a really crispy batter by using beer or soda water.  I've employed this method and find it works very well.  However, I've never tried using ice water as an aid for crispness.  This method works wonderfully!  I also really like the idea of using newspaper to serve the fish to soak up any excess oil!  Her recipe was filled with flavor and a delightful crunch.

So who's recipe won this challenge?  I loved both recipes so much that I couldn't chose just one, so I'm awarding both entries the Badge of Honor!!  Congratulations Joy and Shirley, you are the winners of "Is Your Batter Better Fish & Chips Challenge 2011! 

Please pay Shirley and Joy a visit to view more of their amazing recipes and congratulate them on a job well done! 

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  1. Dear Rebecka, I've learned only now about your contest, I would have been more than happy to partecipate!! Fish and chips reminds me of a beautiful holiday in Scotland, many years ago! I will visit the two winners' blogs to learn more about this fantastic dish and about tips for frying at best! Ciao, Francesca.

  2. I wish you would share your best fish n chips recipe even though the contest is over. I'm always looking for another delicious recipe and I your Scotland holiday recipe sounds wonderful. Here's the link if you want to add your recipe to the original post. The linky is still open for 45 days. Thanks for your sweet comments Francesca!!

  3. Hi Rebecka,
    Thank you for the honour of being one of the winner! I'm happy that your family have enjoyed it too. One of these days, I will have to try your version and Shirley's as well. Really am glad that I participated in this challenge! Thank you Rebecka, will be honored to display the Badge of Honor! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Rebecka, thanks so much for the wonderful surprise & kind words! It's really a pleasure to share with you my recipe & such an honour to be bestowed this award. Sorry for my tardy reply as I'm really busy with the coming Chinese New Year. I'll be displaying the award soon :)

    Will pop by to chk out Joy's blog as well. Congrats, Joy!


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