Friday, August 10, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Disks

I recently saw a beautiful photo of  Frozen Yogurt Disks on Pinterest. I immediately thought to myself, "what a great idea"!

Easy to prepare as a healthy snack and the perfect finger food for our grand daughter's tiny hands.  Filled with loads of protein and live cultures to aid digestion, Amber loved them!  She spent thirty minutes marching back and forth to the freezer to gather another handful until they were gone. 

Amber Bug!!


2-3 small containers of your favorite flavor yogurt


  • spoon yogurt into a sandwich bag, cut a small hole into one end of bag and pipe small dots onto parchment lined cookie sheet (after preparing the dots, I found that the parchment is not necessary)
  • freeze for 1 hour, transfer to a zip top sandwich bag and store in the freezer


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