Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smokin’ Weed’s in Moms Garden

Let me first make a disclaimer concerning my writing skills. I write from the heart and maybe not so much with literary accuracy. Thank the Lord for spell check.

Mom’s garden was filled with a delightful array of herbs and vegetables that beckoned to be picked and made into some wonderful concoction in my mother’s kitchen. However, one day mom’s garden proved to be much more than a place to find fresh garden fare for our table.

I was sitting on the hot brick patio, in our small backyard in Colorado Springs, watching my mother pick lettuce and snow peas for dinner, when my two oldest brothers, “the twins” come out to join us. They both had a strange expression on their faces, reminding me of the one I had when mom heard me utter the “F” word for the first time. That didn't turn out so well.

Brother Brad was fidgety standing above me and Brother Jeff had his hands stuffed deep in his pockets. Mom continued gardening in silence while the boys waited to gain enough courage to spit out their request. “Mom”, they both spurted at the same time (being twins they did that a lot), “can we try to smoke some of your garden herbs?” Not even looking up from her work and without a second thought she said, “Sure, go right ahead”.

What? Did I hear my mother correctly? I was only twelve at the time so maybe I was missing something. Nope, she meant it! Watching the events unfold before me I felt a little light headed and excited about the prospect of seeing my brother’s attempt such a bold act, right in front of mom. Mother went right back to gardening with very little expression and the boys starting picking herbs. 

Mother’s garden ran the length of our house and then around the side where you usually store kids toys, lawn mowers and bikes. Filled with yellow squash, pumpkins and zucchini we learned that this was a place to tread carefully. The boys, stayed clear of the area concentrating their efforts on the mint, borage, dill and chives. Gathering their soon to be sampled “tobacco” they began the process of pulling apart the herbs placing the stems in one pile and the flowering bits in the another (looking back, they seemed very adept at their work). Together, at the exact moment ,they both pulled cigarette paper from their pockets and started to roll.

My brother’s were seniors in high school and it was smack dab in the throws of the 60’s, so seeing this shouldn't have phased me in the least, I mean, I did watch the evening news with my parents and knew about the movement of free love, hippie vans, peace signs and the like. Common, I’d even seen the movie “Hair”. Armed with all my twelve year old knowledge I sat there with my mouth on the ground and watched in horror. Mom just kept on picking.

The first few cigarettes seemed to excite the boys as they puffed the wet tobacco; giggling, so proud of themselves for getting away with their crime. My brother John came out of house to see what the commotion was and ask Mom about the fowl order permeating the air. Stepping out onto the patio John looked at our brothers in silence, and without a word, he retreated into the house.

I think it was at the stage they started smoking the flowering bits, that I noticed a strange green hew come over their faces. Jeff eyes had glazed over and Brad looked as if he would keel over at any moment. The giggles had ended and I could hear a slight moan making its way out of their heaving bodies. Slowly, then at a dead run, they both sprinted to the family bathroom! Gruesome, were the sounds emitting from the back of the house.

Mom picked up her basket of peas and lettuce and as calm as a clam she walked into the house. As she past me, I thought I saw her mouth curl up just a little around the edges.

Now that I’m a mother and have experienced some of my own children’s teenage shenanigans’ I understand how Mom had remained so calm in the face of such defiance. Mother’s and some father’s, have the ability to see into the future, read minds and see out of the back of the heads! Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Thanks! I took the picture in Estes Park, Colorado while on a camping trip with my kids and husband.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope to see you often!

  2. Your blog looks great, I'm exited to keep up on it, I want to start canning in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Codee.

    Your blog is beautiful! I'll be following you as well.

    Being a newbie blogger it really helps getting advice from someone like yourself. Any comments or suggestions about my blog are appreciated.

  4. 1st time visiting. i am loving your blog. especially the drunken infused post.

    Will eb following close to see what you come up with... very poliched look for a new blog. Excellent

  5. @ Year On The Gril...Thank's for visiting my blog and for the nice compliment.

    I'm having a blast but I'm learning as I go. It's gonna take me some time to get it all figured out.

    I just moved back to the Rocky Mountains after living on an island in Florida for 5 years. I miss the ocean!!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather and a fancy island drink for me!
    Will be following you too.

  6. Great blog Rebecka! I too was born in Texas and now live in Colorado (Castle Rock to be exact). I also love to can but am not as good at it as you appear to be. I have just put up some local tart cherry and serrano which came out great as opposed to my gasoline dill pickles of a year ago. Oh well, sometimes you win sometimes you lose! I'm looking forward to reading your future posts.

  7. I couldn't stop laughing after reading your post! Your mom was so cool!I hope I could be as calm as you and your mom when my son gets to that stage too :)

  8. Alisa,

    I'm so happy you got a giggle out of my story. There are many more where that came from.

    My father traveled for his work about 60% of the time, so mom had to be pretty tough to put up with twin teenagers in the 60's plus my other older brother John. I was a perfect child so no problems there!

    We saw some pretty strange stuff during those years and mom perfected her "scary stare". She could freeze water with that look!

    I know you'll learn the same abilities as us "older mothers” as your son grows up. Believe me, perfecting the "stare" is imperative to your survival"

    Many Thanks for the visit!

  9. Hi from tropical QLD Australia. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It would seem we have a lot in common as well as we are both in blended families.

    Your blog looks gorgeous and I am off to read some more of it now :]

    Squishy hugs


  10. I LOVE IT!!
    I was wondering when your brothers would glaze over. It didn't take too long and I'm sure your Mom did know exactly what would happen to them. LOL


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