Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm the Winner....Culinary Smackdown Battle Chocolate

What a wonderful honor to be named the September Culinary Smackdown champion of "Battle Chocolate 2010"!!  I never imagined I would  win the challenge going up against so many seasoned food blogger's and great chefs!

I first learned of the Smackdown challenge while  reading one of my favorite blogs by girlichef.  Her recipe for the August challenge "Sandwich" was  Tortas con Chile Colorado,   a beautiful sandwich and named after one of my favorite places in the world, Colorado!  

Excited to learn more about the Smackdown Challenge, I found myself following the link to the host of the September challenge, krakilette.  Anette, the author of krakilette  was the host of this months battle and was given the honor of hosting, for winning the previous challenge with her   Twinkle Sandwich.  You can see her entry and all the other amazing sandwich entries at ChezWhat? another one of my favorite food bloggers.

I won this months Battle Chocolate with my recipe for   Chocolate Tamales with Ancho Chili Fudge Sauce, and as the winner of this months challenge I have the honor of hosting the October Culinary Smackdown. 

What will I choose for the October challenge?  It's such a difficult decision given so many wonderful food choices. 

I'm a spicy food lover so I think the October Culinary  Smackdown will  be...  

"Battle Chile"  

Your challenge, should you decided to accept it.... make an appetizer, entree or dessert  using one or any combination of your favorite Chile(s).  Sweet or savory dishes with roasted green, stuffed, habanero, pabalano, jalapeno...what ever you choose, the skies the limit!  You have until October 29th to post your entries and I'll announce the winner October 31!   

I'm looking forward to all of your HOT recipes!!
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  1. congratulations - and a halloween chile contest - uyou know I am in!

  2. Kathie and doggybloggy, I'm so excited to see what recipes everyone will share for the Oct. challenge. Please post a note on your blogs with a link back to my site, hopefully we'll have a big turn out for the Oct. Smackdown! Thanks♥

  3. Congratulations for being the Smackdown winner! "Battle Chile" sounds great! It's time for some hot stuff!

  4. Rebecka, I have an award for you!

  5. Congratulations :) This sounds like a fun event for sure...


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