Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maldon Sea Salt Organic and Delicious

I was introduced to
Maldon Sea Salt while living in Sanibel Island Florida and working at a small gourmet food market.   

The buyer for the company was a master at his trade, procuring some of the finest handcrafted cheeses, characterises, sea salts and a variety of other gourmet food products; not to mention a wine collection that would blow your socks off! 

It was a pleasure to work in an environment filled with so many delicious gourmet offerings. 

The sea salt collection was modest but exquisite. Handcrafted salts made by artisans from around the world, each with their distinct geographical flavors. 

Maldon Sea Salt:  The ancient craft of hand-harvesting salt crystals, using the traditional long-handled rakes, is still practised by the company today. 

I was attracted to the Maldon Sea Salt for it's unique beauty! The tiny pyramid-shaped crystals, snow white, soft and flaky, really peaked my interest. 

The delicate ‘salty’ flavor is harmonious with the beauty of the crystals and is unmatched by any other cooking salt I'd ever tasted. 

The Maldon Crystal Salt Company is a family run business which has continued the ancient craft of panning salt since 1882, using many of the skills handed down by generations of salt makers. To view a complete history of the Maldon Crystal Salt company and it’s other fine products, visit their website Maldon Salt.

How the salt is made... 

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  1. I love Maldon too, it's my all time favorite salt. I have some pink Himalayan salt I'm not too keen on, mostly because it comes in a big rock and I have to crush it in my mortar and pestle to use it. You should have seen the stupid gimmicky little knuckle grater that came with it! Completely useless. We also have pink salt from Australia, which is pretty but not as salty as Maldon, so I find I use more. Have you tried smoked salt?

  2. I have heard of Maldon salt, but have not used it before. Thank you for sharing the info on Maldon salt, it is very interesting. Will look for this on my next trip to the special store. Thanks again!

  3. I had no idea there was a difference in taste! I will give this a try if I run across it. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hello Ladies

    LaDive, Yes, I've tried smoked salts and love them. If you check out the Maldon Salt Company link you'll find they sell a beautifully delicious version. I have some pink Himalayan salt too but prefer the Maldon salt for it's complex flavor. Your knuckle grater sounds like many useless tools I have in my kitchen. Thank goodness my pink Him salt came already ground up.

    kf, you'll never go back to cooking with regular salt after trying this one. I'm down to my last 1/4 cup and need to order a new box..asap!

    Hi Vickie, When I first began trying different sea salts I was amazed how each had it's own distinct flavor. I have a truffle salt that is out of this world! It tastes great on scrambled eggs...yum!

  5. Wow, what an interesting post Rebecka. I never knew there was any real difference in taste either. Interesting! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and becoming my newest follower. I envy you living in the mountains, that's my dream!! Have a lovely day.

  6. I use this salt as well! But I've never really tasted the difference between different types of salt! I like the consistency. I've left an entering post to the chile challenge on my blog for you!

  7. How is it that something as simple as salt can make such a HUGE difference with all food it touches?? Beautiful photos! ~LeslieMichele

  8. Hi Rebecka, I've just read your message, perhaps I could email you the picture, if you can email me your email add at
    Hope this works.

  9. Hi, it's me again! Maybe you could try this method, go to the picture, right click on mouse, choose "save image as" , saving it in your desktop. After that, go to your post, and select that image from your desktop. I hope this works! Let me know!

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