Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Winner of the Culinary Smackdown Challenge October 2010 "Battle Chile" will receive...

I've found the perfect prize for the Winner of this months
Culinary Smackdown Challenge "Battle Chile"!! 

This months Winner will receive two great gifts...."Tea for One",  hand painted Tahiti, BIA  staking Teapot and Cup made just for One!!

and an attractive tin of  First Colony, fine leaf Apple Spice Tea made by Bencheley.  

Curl up with a great book and sip a warm and spicy cup of tea made just for One!  

Follow this link to post your winning "Battle Chile" recipe for the chance to win this lovely heart warming prize and the title of Culinary Smackdown Winner!! Print Friendly and PDF


  1. I am lovin' that little tea pot and cup all in one! You know, you really don't have to offer a prize! But it's sweet you are!

    I am wracking my brain trying to think of something different! The last time I did a chile throwdown I entered mango chile vodka and its accompanying cocktails!

  2. Yum!! Mango Chile Vodka plus accompanying cocktails!!! That sounds delightful to me!!! Please feel free to enter any recipe.

    I know you'll offer up something wonderful no matter if it's a recipe you've already entered in another challenge or something new!! You are the "DivaCucina" and I know I won’t be disappointed♥

  3. What a cute prize. I love the tea pot and cup in one. I haven't made chile in ages, so I don't have a recipe to offer, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's recipes.

  4. Beautiful tea pot set! It's really sweet of you to offer a prize to the winner. I have a few recipes which I have listed but have not decided yet! Will definitely send in my post before time is up. This will be exciting to see all the yummy recipes from our friends. Actually for me this is more for fun of joining in rather than winning! Will include your prize in my postings to inform everyone! Have a nice day!


♥I really appreciate your comments♥


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