Tuesday, November 9, 2010


25 challengers - 25 recipes - 3 secret ingredients - 1 grand prize winner!

Hello Rebecka,
We are happy to let you know that you have been selected as one of the 25 challengers in the Iron Foodie competition!

I'm so thrilled to be chosen to compete in this challenge!  Thanks to the Foodie Blogroll and Marx Foods for choosing me to compete in this culinary extravaganza!! 

As soon as they arrive, I'll be taking pictures of the 10 items Marx Foods will be sending me to create my signature dish.  Won't it be fun to see what I'll be working with!  Ha!  I'm feeling a little giddy from the thrill or...maybe it's the two Hot Buttered Rum drinks I had this evening?  Recipe to follow this week..You're gonna love this one!

Here are some dates to add to your already full calendars of contest voting for Rebecka...

December 3:  Deadline for all 25 contestants to post their signature dishes using 3 items provided by Marx Foods

December 7: Voting Poll Goes Live...I'll let you know how to vote when we get closer to the date.

December 15: Voting Poll Closes Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Congratulations, Rebecka! I'm so happy for you! Couldn't wait to see the 10 items Marx Foods will be sending to you. Oh my gosh, this is really exciting! (it is as though I'm in it! LOL) 25 challengers with 25 recipes! WOW!!

  2. Thank you both! I can't wait to get the package and start working on my signature dish!!

  3. Congratulations Rebecka! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Thanks Jenn! I'm so excited to participate in the challenge! Thanks for bringing us, another great event!!

  5. That's wonderful Rebecka...congratulations :D

  6. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what you make with your box.

  7. Thanks girlichef...xoxo

    Maggie, I'm looking forward to reading the 25 challengers posts after our boxes arrive...this is going to be a fun week filled with anticipation!

  8. Congratulation Rebecka! I am super-excited to get my box too and start cooking. We will have fun! ;-)




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