Monday, December 6, 2010

Vote For Me...Iron Foodie 2010

It's time to place your vote!! 

Please follow this link to Marx Foods Iron Foodie Challenge or Vote for Me and vote for my Iron Foodie 2010 signature dish...Tang Yuan with Smoky Hoisin Pork in Spicy Porcini, Seaweed Broth.

Justin Marx sent the following voting details...
The poll will go live tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 7th) at 6AM PST on our blog (post URL will be:  and will run until midnight on December 15th.  The top four vote-getters will receive a store credit in varying amounts.  1st place will receive a $200 store credit, $100 for 2nd, $75 for 3rd, and $50 for 4th.

A quick note about how the poll works:  To prevent vote fraud, we set the poll to allow only one vote per IP address.  For example, what that means is that if you work in an office where all users share an IP address, then your entire office will be able to vote only once.  If your co-worker, for example, goes home and uses their home computer … they should be able to vote no problem. 

Thanks to you all for being so creative and tasty.  Working with you is one of the most fun aspects of my job, so I thank you kindly for making my life more delicious.  A special thanks to Jenn & the Foodie Blogroll for making this possible. 

So don't delay, vote everyday and tell all your friends to vote for me too!! 

Iron Foodie 2010 | Here's Why that will be me:

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