Friday, February 18, 2011

Giveaway-Barista Organic Coffee Beans

The Foodie Blog Roll is hosting another amazing giveaway in conjunction with Barista Organic Coffee makers. 

The Prize:

Barista will be giving away 3lbs of organic, freshly roasted coffee. One each of their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (light roast), Guatemalan Chajul (medium roast), Costa Rican Amistad (dark roast).

"Barista's Beans specializes in roasting-to-order, only the finest shade grown coffees. We focus on Organic, Fair-Trade, Rainforest-Alliance, and Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified coffees whenever possible. These certifications promote clean sustainable farming while preserving biodiversity and providing habitat for migratory birds and other animals. Not only does it improve quality of life for the animals, but the farmers and their families as well"

Totally delicious coffee beans and earth friendly!!  Gotta love Barista!
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  1. Good luck Rebecka, I sure hope you are the lucky winner! It would be great to have a cup of Costa Rican Amistad for breakfast, Guatemalan Chajul for afternoon break and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe after a wonderful dinner! Now that is coffee satisfaction!

  2. LOL! Thanks Joy, Sounds delicious to me too!!

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