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These lovely awards are from one of my most favorite food blogging friends, Joy from kitchen flavours.  Joy is from Malacca Malaysia and I met her through this crazy world of food blogging.  Joy is warm and generous and she can cook like a rock star!  Stop by and visit her lovely blog and while your there check out her other beautiful blog My Little Potted Garden.  Joy has a really big green thumb!  Thanks Joy for honoring me with all of these wonderful blog awards!! xoxo



Seven things about myself :
1. I'm much too serious these days....I need to lighten up!
2. I drink one or two cups of coffee a day...I think it keeps me!
3. I love to read but don't have the time to get through an entire book...therefore, I read cook books
4. My favorite foods are pretty much what ever you put in front of me...I like it all!
5. I'm addicted to food blogging, but you already knew that
6. My favorite mixed drink...Margarita(s) more than one if I have a D.D.
7. Wish I didn't have to work but happy to have a job!

I would like to pass on these lovely awards to the following fantastic blogs :

Joy has been one of my most ardent followers!  Thank you Joy for your loyalty, and support.  I know that living life and trying to do all the things we love, can get very busy.  I'm so honored that you have been my sweet Malaysian friend.  Thanks for sharing these awards with me♥
Anncoo Journal
Ann is stellar in the kitchen!  She knows her way around a mixing bowl especially when it comes to baking! Ann makes baking seem simple, even for me! I've tried many of her recipes and they've all been absolutely delicious
Liv Life  
Kim from Liv Life has always impressed me with her ability to take amazing photos of her food. I've
learned so much about food photography and food blogging just reading and studying her blog! Kim is also a master in the kitchen
Hoop is one of the most talented women I've met since I became a food blogger.  She is ingenious with her recipes, "How To" videos, and her amazing wit is unmatched.  Hoop is a blast, I wish we could get together and play!
My Sweet and Savory
The Comfy Cook always brings it home with her inspired dishes.   Talk about a lady on the move...she is the host of several very successful linky blog hops! 
Diabetes and Me
Carol Ann has the sweetest spirit!  Filled with positive energy and a plethora of fine dishes!  A true friend to the end!  xo
5 Star Foodie
Natasha, thinks outside the box when creating her dishes.  I always love to see what she'll be making next!
Adventures in the Ordinary
Jackie, is one of the most prolific, well read and inspired writers I've had the pleasure to meet!  Her stories are no where near ordinary!

Do visit these fantastic blogs, they are all truly wonderful!

To each of my featured blogger's...if you feel so inclined, please post this on your blog and share the 7 things about you and make a fellow blogger's days by sending them these lovely blog awards!  
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  1. Rebecka, I'm so happy to forward those awards to you. You are one of the most talented and creative foodie friends I know! Just take a look at your videos and amazing creations! I would stand frozen in front of a "rolling camera"! :)
    Thank you for your really lovely words, Rebecka, I'm so happy that we have met in bloggerland!
    The list of bloggers, except for Sweet and Savoury, they are all new to me, I will visit them soon!
    Have a fantastic and lovely weekend, my foodie friend!

  2. Hi Rebecka, Thank you very much for passing these lovely awards to me. I feel so honored and really appreciate it. It is my pleasure that I know you thru blogging. I will also visit all the lovely bloggers as you've named.
    Thank you again & have a wonderful day :)


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