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Shiitake and Dried Porcini Thai Noodle bowl with Tempura Veggies

I have very vivid memories of dinning on tempura vegetables made with fresh veggies from my moms garden that still resonate in my mind to this day.

The crisp vegetables picked from the garden just moments before being plunged into light batter, then deep fried to crispy perfection, creep into my head like an old friend every summer about this time.

Mom always made the batter just right; never too heavy as to take away from the fresh flavor of the veggies.  Yum!  Mom surprised us with her inventive cooking style on many occasions.  One of my favorite tempura memories was eating fried squash blossoms for the first time.  I need to remind you that this was many years before anyone thought it was a cool to eat the blossoms of plants or edible flowers.  My mom was a home cook way ahead of her time teaching our family how to eat adventurously at a very young age. 

I think mom started cooking Asian food for my dad after he returned home from being stationed in Japan, as a result of him catching the bug for the flavors of the orient, which in turn he brought home to us.  Dad also taught us kids how to use chopsticks when we were very small children.  It was so much fun to go to the local Japanese resturant and watch people, watch me; a toe headed little girl at the age of 5 using chopsticks like a pro! 

This is my version of my moms tempura recipe and my newly invented recipe for a Thai Noodle bowl.   

Recipe Noodle Broth

5 dried Shiitake Mushrooms
1-6 dried Porcini Mushrooms
1 tablespoons Dulce Seaweed leaves
1/2 14 ounce package Thai Stir Fry Noodles
2 cups water
1-1/2 tablespoons chicken base
2 teaspoon fish Sauce
1 teaspoon prepared garlic sauce
1/2 teaspoon powdered or fresh ginger
1 tablespoon high quality soy sauce
Hoisen sauce for dipping

4 cups grape seed oil for frying

Tempura Batter

1-1/2 cups flour
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 32 ounce bottle soda water


In a medium bowl cover Thai noodles with very hot tap water and rest for 15 minutes, rehydrate mushrooms in hot tap water  for 5-10 minutes, remove Shiitake stems and slice into thin strips.

In a large stock pot add water, chicken base, fish sauce, garlic sauce, ginger and soy sauce and heat on medium high for 15 minutes, add mushrooms to broth, strain the re-hydration liquid from mushroom through a fine sieve and add to stock pot, cook for 25-30 minutes.

In a large wok, heat grape seed oil on medium high heat, while oil is heating whisk flour, salt and soda water together to make the tempura batter.  Add the soda water in 1 cup increments until desired consistency is reached.  Tempura batter is much thinner than most deep fry batters, it should resemble the consistency of buttermilk.

Wash and dry fresh vegetables, slice the larger vegetables thinly and separate broccoli and cauliflower into florets.  I used yellow squash, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes for this recipe.  I also like to use onions, mushrooms and just about anything you can get fresh from the market or right from your garden. Dip vegetables in tempura batter to coat thoroughly.

Deep fry the vegetables in batches starting with the ones that have a longer cooking time, save the tender vegetables for last. Drain on a clean dish towel

Add the noodles to a large tureen or bowl in a decorative manner, pour broth over noodles, allow your guests to take a bundle of noodles and broth in individual bowls and top with Tempura.  I usually serve additional garlic and soy sauce on the side and for those who like a sweeter broth, I serve Hoisin sauce.

Recipe serves 4
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  1. Hi Kimmie, it was a happy mouthful! Wish you could have had some with me!

  2. lovely recipe and your mum sounds cool thanks so much for visiting my blog


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  5. I would slurp down that bowl of noodles in no time. Your tempura batter looks so light and crisp. I use a fork for pasta but Asian noodles somehow taste better with chopsticks. Glad to hear you mastered it a young age :)

  6. Nice to meet you Danyale! I look forward to visiting Evoluchun's Miscellaneous and following you back

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    Biren, I would love for you to try my recipe and tell me how authentic it tastes compared to your delicious recipes. It's so nice to see you. Ive been busy in the kitchen so haven't had much time to stop by my favorite blogs...that would be yours!! Have a great 4TH..xoxo

  7. Mmm..this looks perfect that can compare to any Japanese family's kitchen.


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  17. The tempura looks delightful, its making my mouth water.

  18. This all looks so beautiful and delicious! Sorry I have been absent - I was taking a summer college course and it really took a chunk out of my blogging time!

  19. Hi Sheena and Jenn, So nice to see you both!

    Jenn, I've been visiting you web site and really enjoying your artisan cheese making! Your historical recipes look amazing. It's wonderful for you to keep a part of your ancestor alive with delicious and fresh made food! I'm also looking forward to what you have to offer after taking your summer course.

  20. This sounds like it is filled with flavor. Yum.


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