Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real Women of Philadelphia Season 2 Cookbook

My winning recipe has been published in the Real Women Of Philadelphia Season 2 Cookbook.  Fig Tart with PHILLY Frangipane and Strawberry-Ginger Cream, won in the dessert category.  What a privileged to be chosen to represent this fine community and to be honored by Paula Deen and Kraft! For my original post and recipe click the link above.

Real Women of Philadelphia is a wonderful community of men and women who love to cook and share recipes.  It's also a place to take part in amazing cooking competitions and it's free to become a member.  Hurry over today to check it out! 

To download a copy of the cookbook all you have to do is become a member of RWOP.   You can purchase a copy of your own from the site as well. 

The Kraft Kitchen made my tart look amazing!!  Thank you RWOP!

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  1. That is awesome!! Congrats! The recipe looks delicious!

  2. Rebecca, that's awesome! Congrats!!!

    I love baked items and I love figs and I love cream - yum. Will have to check this one out.

  3. Hi Steph, Thank you so much!

    Ms Veronica, This was such an exciting experience. It's so nice to be recognized in this manner! Enjoy the recipe!

  4. Congratulations, Rebecka! The book is finally out! This is wonderful news! AWESOME! To have your recipe published and enjoyed by everyone around the globe! A great accomplishment indeed! Your family must be very proud of you!

  5. Congratulations! I love how great cooks like yourself are able to be "discovered" through blogging.

  6. Hi Joy, Thank you so much! I am tickled pink!

    Melynda, Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving your kind words! It's incredible how blogging for fun can turn into a passion and how a mom like me is able to be "discovered" in this way! I'm truly blessed!


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