Saturday, August 11, 2012

Salt and Sugar Body Scrub!

This summer has taken a toll on my ever aging skin leading me in hot pursuit of body butters, skin toners, deep moisturizers and rendering me poorer with every purchase.  It's so disappointing to purchase an over priced product and find myself pushing it under the sink with the rest of the partially used bottles and tubes of less than stellar lotions and creams.

I've always known that eating the right foods aids in not only our inner health but our outward appearance as well.  This luscious home made remedy has bathed my dry chapped skin at a fraction of the cost!  My skin feels well fed and has taken on a supple glow. 

All of the ingredients were easily found in my pantry and it took only minutes to whip up a batch. 


2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups sea salt
2 cups grape seed oil
4 lemons
5 sprigs fresh rosemary

  • Blend salt, sugar and oil together in a large mason jar or other resealable container.
  • Slice lemons in half, add juice to mixture as well as the sprigs of rosemary, stir to combine.
  • Reserve the spent lemon halves to use as your exfoliating tool
  • Stand in tub or shower and fill one half of spent lemon with mixture, begin scrubbing skin from head to toe, add more scrub when necessary
  • turn water on to a comfortable temperature and rinse body thoroughly, pat skin dry with a towel
  • repeat treatment twice to three times a week
  • optional: use grape seed oil as moisturizer in between treatments to keep skin supple
My skin was glowing after my first treatment and increasingly healthier with each subsequent application. 

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