Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Infused Liquors: A Beautiful Apertif

Infused Liquors: A Beautiful Apertif

Infused Liquors: Six week check

I love this time of year when I get the opportunity to taste test my newest batch of infused liquors. It's been six weeks since I created this years infusions and last night was my first tasting! My head fills with images of holiday celebrations to come with the merriment of shared laughter and jolly holiday spirit!

Brazilian Cachaca infusion flavored with red Bing cherries and rosemary

This clean red infusion has a refreshing flavor, slightly sweet with a light touch of cherry and hint of rosemary. The fruit texture perfect to serve along side the liquor, still plump and firm, yielding a stronger kick than the liquor.

Charbay, Ruby Red Grapefruit Flavored Vodka infusion, flavored with yellow bing cherries and fresh ginger
This amber beauty has a rich thick texture with a deep earthiness; the ginger is soft on the palate and lingers just slightly, the fruit still firm and tasty

Brizillain Cachaca infusion flavored with bluberries and mint

Deeper red with blue tones, this infusion is my favorite this season. Slightly sweet, the blueberry flavor fills your mouth but doesn't overwhelm, just the slightest hint of mint coupled with a fresh mint leaf make this combination delightful. Unfortunately, the fruit didn't fair as well; hard and a little like plastic in texture however, all is not lost. Strain this infusion through a cheese cloth and serve with fresh blueberries. Print Friendly and PDF


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