Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I remember fighting with my brothers over who would get the first hard boiled pickled egg my mother tucked into each delicious jar of her pickled beets. 

Sweet savory spices would fill our nostrils as she popped open the first jar of the season.  Inside awaited the most beautiful purple beets and a prized purple, pickle egg!  Thanks to moms calm demeanor, our fighting would end as she placed a thin slice of the egg atop our beets to accompany our dinner. 

What a joy it was to see the the brightly colored purple egg, paired with is bright yellow center waiting for us to devour its sweet and chewy purple outer edge.  The moment of perfection, was reaching the creamy yellow center filled with the beets spicy juices. 

The amazing transformation of a simple root vegetable and a plain old egg turned into pure artistry! 

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Pickled Beets

1 gallon beets, tops removed leave root

In a large stock pot add enough water to cover beets and 1 tablespoon salt, cook until skins turn dark and the flesh of the beets are tender, drain, peel and slice.

Return to stock pot

2 quarts sliced beets
5 cups sugar
1 quart apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon celery seed
1/2 teaspoon pickling spice
1/4 teaspoon whole cloves
1 teaspoon salt

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook 30 minutes, do not over cook or beets will become tough.

5-6 hard boiled eggs peeled

using hot prepared canning jars, place slices of beets on the bottom and around the jar leaving space in the center to add one hard boiled egg.  Place egg in center then continue adding beets slices until jar is full leaving 1/4 head space. 

Pour hot liquid over beets leaving 1/4 head space.  Cover with bands and lids, and process in a hot water bath for 15 minutes.  Place jars on a clean towel and cool.  Pickle Beets can be stored or used immediately. 

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  1. Pickled beets! Lovely and very interesting with the addition of an egg! I usually have my hard-boiled eggs with pickled ginger. This is great, bookmarking this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The pinky-coloured eggs look so pretty...pickled beets are something I always want to try....maybe I should this year when the beets are in full season.

  3. @ kitchen flavours, yum, pickled ginger! I gonna need that recipe! Is it on your blog? I'll br checking your blog tomorrow morning, right now I'm off to the symphony with a friend! xoxo

    @Angie, I hope you give pickled beets a try this season. This is such a great recipe, not too sweet or over spiced..:)

  4. My grandmother used to make these! I really need to make some pickled beets with eggs!

  5. Jenn, What I wouldn't give to have your amazing eggs to use in the pickled beet recipe! The eggs I used this year were pitiful.

    I'm hoping to go to a friend’s farm in the next few weeks to acquire some fine duck, goose and chicken eggs. I plan to make kitchen flavours pickled ginger with the fresh eggs! hugs

  6. I have never tried a pickled egg...these are gorgeous :)

  7. I just pickled for the first time, and I think I'm addicted. Pickled beets sound great!

  8. Yeah Karen!!! Another home pickling convert ♥ I'm proud of you. How did your pickles turn out? I hope you posted the recipe and pictures...I'm going over to your blog to check it out...

    Magic of Spice...I hope you get the opportunity to try a pickled egg, of course, the beet eggs are much more attractive than their dill cousins.

  9. Beautiful! I love pickled beets and pickled eggs . . . never would have thought of combining the two!

  10. Hi Rebecka, Hope you enjoyed the symphony. The pickled ginger recipe is not on my blog yet! Will be posting it soon. Have a lovely week!


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