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Bite My Sweet Tarts-tini ~ MarxFoods Mixology Challenge

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♥Szechuan Button♥ ♥Mixology Challenge♥ 

My recipe is complete and the MarxFoods Szechuan Button mixology challenge is on!  

Over the past 6 months MarxFoods has been gracious enough to send me several of their companies fine herbs, spices and kitchen products, all of which have been truly fabulous! 

Thanks to Justin Marx, I'm being given another chance to experiment with one of MarxFoods exceptional quality exotic ingredients, Szechuan buttons. Excerpt from MarxFoods description...

"Szechuan Buttons (aka Sechuan Buttons, Sichuan Buttons, Toothache plant) are an unusual food in that their primary use is not nutrition or flavor but rather to impart a sensation to food and drink. They possess a slightly bitter, herby flavor that isn’t unusual, but a few seconds after consuming them something very interesting begins to happen in the mouth."

I braved the Colorado Arctic cold front and sub zero temperatures today to do some cocktail recon at my local grocery store.  It turned out to be a very successful foray with the exception of the frigid temperatures!

The moment I walked into the market I  was overcome by the large Valentine display at the store entrance.  Volumes of pink balloons, flowing pink and white crepe paper and several life sized heart displays, beckoned me into their trap!  Like a magnet, I was  drawn to rows and rows of shelves, laden to the brim with all manner of sweet candies!  I'm a corporate marketers dream!

A pretty pink box caught my eye...Sweethearts! 

This was exactly what I'd been looking for but didn't know it until I saw the box.  What a delightful ingredient for a perfectly playful cocktail; add some Szechuan buttons and you've got Bite My Sweet Tarts-tini!

...BiteMySweetTarts... is one of my favorite avatar gaming names.  It is the pseudonym by which I'm known on YouTube and Facebook.    So, it seemed a fitting name for my challenge entry.

Bite My Sweet Tarts-tini Recipe

Drink Mix
2 Szechuan Buttons
1-2/3 ounce Orange Flavor Vodka
1-2/3 ounce Ceren Vodka
1/2 ounce Grand Marnier
2/3 ounce Galliano
2/3 ounce Angostura Bitters
2 ounces sour mix
1 12 ounce bottle Strawberry Soda (I used CRUSH Soda)
Tonic Water

from left, Sweethearts, Flavored Twizzlers, Smarties
2 Szechuan Buttons
1 package Smarties
1 package sugar cured green cherries
1 box Sweethearts

Fill 2 cocktail  glasses with ice to chill,
fill large shaker 1/4 full with ice, pour vodkas, Grand Marnier
Galliano, Angostura Bitters, sour mix over ice, shake vigorously.

Remove ice from glasses, run a lime wedge around the rim of glasses and dip rim in sugar mixture, pour half of the cocktail mixture into glasses distributing liquid evenly, the top half of glass will be empty, fill 1/4 of the empty space with Strawberry Soda and other 1/4 with Tonic Water, drop 3 whole Sweet Tarts into each drink.

Garnish Preparation
using a clean coffee grinder, pulse Smarties (about 10-12 pieces) until resembles course powder, pour into a saucer, cut entire head of 2 Szechuan buttons into fine pieces and add to Smarties sugar, toss gently to combine.

Garnish drink with 2 Sun-Ripe  green cherries and 1 whole Szechuan Button

Recipe Serves 2

Drinking protocol
When trying something new it's always a good idea to add something that's familiar too, so I added the green candied cherries. Their sweet flavor aids the drinkers experience by masking the Szechuan Buttons initial taste of metal, preparing the palate for the sweet crisp flavor of the drink. 

If your are the adventurous drinker, start your Szechuan Button drinking experience by eating the two cherries and Szechuan button at the same time, before sipping the drink.

For the more timid drinker, sip the drink from the glass rim to enjoy a mild tingly sensation from the Szechuan Button infused sugar. 

The flavors of the sour Smarties and sweetness of the strawberry soda accent the tingly sensation of the Szechuan Buttons perfectly.  It's also a fun drink to watch as the Sweethearts dance on the bubbles from the soda.

 Bite My Sweet Tarts-tini is a dangerously delicious drink!

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  1. Thanks Mindy!! You've made me hungry for pancakes this morning!!

  2. Oh WOW, Rebecka!! Those look divine and this unique cook is applauding your unique idea!! I've shared on FB and think these are just the coolest!!

  3. Hi Rebecka. And pray tell, how do I go about getting some of those buttons? I'd love to be able to grow them as well. Do I contact the company?

  4. amrecipes, thank you my dear for sharing my recipe on FB! I appreciate your support. I love being unique with food as well as sharing new ideas and recipes with other "unique cooks"! xoxo

    Gloria, if you click the link in the Post to MarxFoods it will take you to the site. You can see all the great recipes and fun ideas for the buttons. If you'd like to see about growing your own you can contact Justin Marx by email Justin@Marxfoods.com. Tell him I referred you and let me know how it turns out!

  5. Okay thanks Rebecka. I shall do that. Have a great day tomorrow and thank you.

  6. I love the idea of rimming the glass with ground SweetTarts and blended buttons. I imagine it deposits the petals in exactly the place they'll haev the greatest effect, while masking the flavor, and it certainly helps make the glass look pretty. Brilliant!

  7. Thanks Kristina♥ Love your blog! Your a terrific writer!

  8. Wow! You created a fabulous stunning drink! Is the challenge open for voting? Just got home yesterday and remembered about this challenge that you are participating! Hope I'm not too late to vote. Will hop over to Marx Foods now.

  9. Joy, I don't think that voting has opened because there weren't enough entries. Justin asked me to hang tight until they received enough competitors for the challenge. ;(

    I'll let you know when and if the challenge is open for voting. Thanks for thinking of me! XOXO

  10. Very creative drink! Nice to be in the contest with you! http://www.singerskitchen.com/2011/02/recipe-challenge-electric-mixology-by.html

  11. Sounds interesting. I don't drink much, if at all, but the drink does look pretty. :) And the idea sounds great! :) I like the hearts idea, give's it a nice Valentine theme.

  12. this is a great recipe-- I'm going to have to try it! Pinning!

  13. This is such a cool idea! Do you mind if I post one of your recipes on our CEO page? I like to find good ones from blogging friends, and collect them there. I just link right to your original post. Let me know!

  14. Mommy Lady, please fell free to share any of my posts with links back to my site! Your support is greatly appreciated!

    Sarah, Fausta, Noelle and prototype mama, thank you all for your kind words!


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