Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Opera Journey Photo Album

Me and my dad
die Fledermaus

I love singing opera and have performed in over 18 professional productions in my lifetime. Below are a few photos from my opera journey! 

Martha Booth my friend and vocal instructor, Director and Principle Voice Instructor Colorado College
Overtures and Arias solo performances

My father played the tuba in the Air Force and sang in a jazz band while stationed in Japan.   He had the special opportunity to make a 75 speed recording of the song "the Sunny Side of the Street", during his tour of duty.  Although, the recording is a little crackly, my dads beautiful tenor voice is very clear, as it is to this day.  My mom also sang and played the guitar when we were very little children. A typical holiday in the Stone home is repleat with food, song and lot's of laughter. 

As a result of growing up in a home filled with music, my three older brothers and I have become professional musicians.

I began singing folk songs and church hymns as a child and as I grew older the passion for singing was born in my soul. I knew then that I would sing professionally. 

My first lead singing role was Judas in "Jesus Christ Super Star".  I was in 7th grade.   Thanks to Daniel Drigget, my music teacher at Monroe Junior High School in Elmwood Ill., a girl was cast in a lead "boy" role!  Scandalous!

A Midsummer Voice Recital Fine Arts Center Colorado Springs, with my fans...lol!
I sang leading roles throughout Junior High and High School and went on to study voice with the Dean of Music, Martha Hopkins Booth at the Colorado College.  My first opera performance was in the chorus of the Merry Widow.  It was like I'd died and gone to heaven...we had three costume changes, wore tons of makeup and flash eyelashes, had cool hair and best of all, we had an audience!

the Ballad of Baby Doe-Salon Girl second from

Baby Doe Wigs and Makeup
I was also the Hair and Wig designer

The Colorado Springs Opera Company soon found out that I owned and operated a hair salon. They hired me to be the Principle Wig and Hair Designer.  I had my work cut out for me with researching the hair styles worn during the "period",  making hair pieces, hand stitching facial hair etc. Needless to say, I hired several staff members to assist me so I could concentrate on the "serious" hair and have enough time to catch my breath before running on stage for my entrance.  Now I just sing and leave the hair to the other professionals!

Faust-Walpurgis Night Scene me as Cleopatra

Madame Butterfly- Vocal Ensemble Geisha Girl on the right

Some Music Theater Productions

Anything Goes "Bonnie" Fine Art Repertoire Theater
Wish I had that figure again!

Bonnie far left

Mooney and Bonnie (me) Anything Goes

My Fair Lady understudy Eliza Doolittle
Unfortunately, the lead didn't break her leg!

Sharks or Jets??? hint...I feel pretty...that's me in the black dress center stage

La Traviata

Martile Bucklou Rolland Soprano and me La Traviata

It's a wonderful feeling to get paid for a job you love.

Dress designer Gypsy Ames

the Tales of Hoffmann


Mikado Denver Opera Colorado-Oratorio Ensemble
bottom left

Mikado Denver Opera Colorado-Oratorio Ensemble

Operas not pictured; The Merry Widow, la Boheme, Tosca, Turandot, Lucia di Lammermoor,  der Rosenkavalier, il Trovatore,  the Tales of Hoffmann, Faust,

Opera Colorado, Denver
The Denver Symphony Chorus and Oritorio Ensemble
Colorado Springs Opera Festival
Fine Art Repertoire Theater

Music, Food and Family..it's what makes my heart sing!
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  1. Oh wow!! What a fun life you have had and are having. It's really awesome that you've invited us into your private life. Congrats Rebecka, now only can you cook galore but your an actress, a singer, and a wonderful blogger. Hat's off to you!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, how amazing! I loved this post...and I never would have imagined =)

  3. OMG, just look at those costumes! Opera singer? Rebecka, I'm impressed! I'm following you now & hope that I'll get into your blogroll one day :) Looking fwd to sharing, not just on our cooking!

  4. WOW!! Rebecka, you are one amazing lady! I knew that you are involved in opera, never knew how much until now! You are one multi-talented lady! Your beauty from your youth can be clearly seen even now. I will have to show my hubby this post, he once mentioned that you must be really pretty in your youth! He's right! :)
    Love this post! Thank you for sharing something so special with us. Really interesting and a pleasure to know more about you. Perhaps one day you can share a video of you singing, would love to hear you sing! I'm not musically talented at all, but I cannot imagine life without music too! Hugs, have a lovely day.

  5. Gloria, Thank you so much my mutually talented artist and cooking friend!

    girlichef, I have to tell you that you were my first inspiration to start food blogging. I loved reading about your cooking adventures and with that inspiration I decided to go forth into the food blogging community. Food and singing are the perfect complement! Thanks

    Blackswan, I loved dressing up in the beautiful costumes and lucky for me, I had the inside track with the costume designer. I was able to score some of the most beautiful dresses. btw..I bet you'll be in my blogroll sooner than you think!

    Joy, Thank you! Please tell your husband thank you as well for his sweet complement. I so wish I had that figure and skin again. Happily, I still have my voice! Unfortunately, I only have a couple of cassette recordings of my solo performances. I know there's a way to get them onto CDs I'm just technologically challenged. I still study voice but don't have the time to perform with my kiddos schedule...I really miss the stage but it's my children's time to shine! Maybe I'll video a lesson and put it on YouTube♥

  6. Oh wow Rebecka I new you had some kind of Movie/Star kind of background but Opera chicky I love it! You are so talented my gosh what else you hiding ;)!! luv you chicky!!

  7. Wow! Looks like so much fun. I have always wished I could sing. LOL. I'm a new follower from VB's Hop Mania. Please check out my blog. http://www.kristy-s-place.blogspot.com/

  8. How amazing!
    Stopping by from voiceBoks - thanks for visiting us!

  9. I enjoyed looking at all of your exploits. How fun!

    Found you through the vB GFC hop

    Full Cart Full Wallet

  10. Wow - that's quite a history! Congratulations! I love hearing stories of people doing what they love.

    I'm following you back from the VB GFC hop. Thanks for the follow!

  11. Josee, love you too Chickie!!

    Thanks for following via voiceBoks, Kristy, Susan, Jenny,and Cookies Mom. If I haven't already followed you back I will asap!

  12. What a wonderful life you live.Did I say wonderful? Wonderful! Love all the photos. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Big Hugs!!

  13. P.S. grabbed you button for my blog love page! Also leaving some VB♥

  14. Wow, very cool costumes and some very awesome recipes. Thanks for sharing all of this.
    Glad to connect with you on voiceBoks.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  15. These pics are absolutely priceless. I wish your blog had sound. Mayhaps you should vlog this journey sometime...just sayin' :)

  16. Kathrine, Thanks for sharing my button on your site..xoxo

    spanish4kiddos, I appreciate your kind comment and following me!

    Shannon, I would love to vlog my opera journey someday as well. I've been trying to figure out how to get the only recording I have from a cassette tape to a CD...I'm sure if I research it a bit I'll find a suitable program. Thanks for visiting!

  17. Amazing pictures!

    Thanks for the comment and follow. =) I'm actually already following you on everything. Must have seen you on VoiceBoks before!

  18. So many wonderful adventures! Looking at all the beautiful costumes you wore...every girls dream of 'dress-ups' come true!

    Thanks for joining our vB Christian Mom’s Blog Hop! I look forward to reading about your experiences a Christian Mom!
    Happy Wednesday,
    Becky Jane

  19. Hi Camiletta, Thanks for taking the time to pop back by. I really appreciate your comments.

    Becky Jane, Being able to wear all those beautiful costumes and fabulous makeup was so much fun..it was a little girls dream come true...

  20. Hi fellow philly lady. I had to check out your opera link. The closest I came to opera was performing in drama such as plays. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend I was Marilyn and was tickled pink that my teacher chose me for the part. I am a Mezzo Soprano vocalist mainly just singing in pop/rock bands in late 80's. Wow what you don't realize about people. However, alot of creative people seem to merge together. "Break a Leg"

    Debbie Williamson

  21. You are amazing Rebecka! You performed in some of my favorites like My Fair Lady, Madame Butterfly, and Die Fledermaus. I would have love to see you in those productions. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us. It is such a treat to see you in those beautiful costumes.


♥I really appreciate your comments♥


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